Friday, February 11, 2011

Episide 12 - The Joanna Penn interview

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Alan talks about his Write The Fight Right short ebook he’s working on.

Dave talks about his work on the next Dane Maddock book.

Then we have a guest: Joanna Penn.

Jo talks about her new book, Pentecost, which she describes as like a cross between Dan Brown and Lara Croft.

Jo talks about moving from her non-fiction success to writing fiction.

We go on to discuss Jo’s influences, her fascination with theology (she has a Masters degree in it!) and what drives her to write the things she does.

We discuss Jo’s female protagonist and what’s masculine or just cool.

Which leads to a discussion of female writers putting out thrillers, a traditionally male dominated genre.

Jo talks about future projects and the next Morgan Sierra books.

We discuss Jo’s previous name as a non-fiction writer and how her online presence has helped with the launch of her first novel.

You can find Jo’s novel here:

Jo’s website is:

Or follow her on Twitter:!/thecreativepenn


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