Saturday, March 17, 2012

Episode 40 – Points Of View with C J West

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Alan talks about his novelette, The Darkest Shade Of Grey, serialised at The Red Penny Papers:

Also available as an ebook:

Dave mentions Gryphonwood’s latest signing, Justin Macumber and his new sci-fi thriller, Haywire:

We go on to talk about the nature of libraries lending books and where authors stand on that.

This leads to us talking about libraries introducing readers to new authors and how readers who use mainly library lending can help out to keep their favourite authors in a job.

We talk briefly about the news that the US Justice Dept. is taking several big publishers to task.

Then we have a chat with CJ West, author of several books.

CJ’s website:

CJ’s Amazon page, listing all his books:

CJ talks about his books.

He then goes on to talk about the massive success he’s had with KDP Select, clearing over 100,000 books, given away and the impact that’s had on sales.

This leads us to talk about the behemoth that Amazon is and the risks involved with its business plan.

CJ talks about his new series.

Then we go on to talk about Point Of View, and discuss the benefits and pitfalls of writing in first person as opposed to third person and so on.

We talk about the difference in narrative length, short story, novella or novel, and how different POVs work for different lengths.

We talk about how to write well in various POVs and what bad habits to avoid.

CJ’s website:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Special Episode- The PayPal Controversy

During the recording of episode 40 David and Alan crapped on at length about PayPal's recent attempt to force Smashwords and other vendors to stop publishing books that contained legal but objectionable (to PayPal) content. The situation was resolved before we could get the episode out. Not wanting to waste a perfectly good Alan rant, and believing the discussion is an important one, we've turned that segment into a special episode.

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