Thursday, January 24, 2013

Episode 63 – Stupid Reviewer Tricks

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Dave chats about our writing collaboration and our process of working together on a novella.

Dave talks about his new online project with Greig Beck and Sean Ellis -

Alan talks about the Dark Fiction news and review site he set up with Felicity Dowker and Andrew McKiernan -

 Dave gets to talking about how many writers are lacking in a links page on their site. Alan talks about his links page and how he also has a page of links to good markets for writers. Those pages are here:

Dave goes on to talk about a great review he got for Buccaneer, and why it was such a great review.

This leads us to talk about the nature of when your work is ready for publication or for sending to publishers.

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We then talk about stupid reviewer tricks and when the pure gold this is a reader review turns out to be a problem.

This is the blog post Alan talks about writing after the insane “Whispernet” review:

Here’s the website of terrible reviews:

Here’s the review of Slaughterhouse Five that Alan read out:

And another site you may enjoy:

After we have a good laugh at the expense of several terrible reviews, we chat about what makes a good review, and how easy it is.