Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Episode 056- Making the Old New with Thomas Greanias

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 Dave and Alan discuss Amazon's new "Author Ranking" system.

 Promo: Mail Order Zombie podcast

 Dave chats with thriller author Thomas Greanias.

 The Atlantis series

 Unknown/little known history about the founding of America, the Founding Fathers, and Washington D.C. 

The Promised War and its sequels.

Taking risks as an author- branching out beyond your most commercially successful work. How might it impact your author brand?

The Dominion Dei series.

The Alignment- Federal City series.

Including factual details that are almost "too crazy to be true."

Thomas's new media site.

Future trends in publishing.

The importance of not letting bells and whistles interfere with the reading experience.

Thomas's thoughts on how to make old tropes feel fresh.

The "fictive dream."

Advice for writers. Visit Tom at www.thomasgreanias.com or atlantisgo.com.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Episode 055- Drafting and Redrafting with Rich Steeves

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Dave gives a good example about why he relies on pantsing his novels.

This leads us to talk about the natural flow and organic growth of a piece of writing, and how we deal with new ideas as a story progresses.

We talk a bit about Scrivener and how Dave is forcing Alan to try it out.

Then we have a chat with Rich Steeves.

Is Rich one of the most phallic writers out there?

Rich talks about his latest Misty Johnson book.

We ask Rich about his political commentary in his books.

Rich talks about his experiences as a small press author.

We talk about the current rash of historical urban fantasy titles.

We ask Rich about his influences.

Rich talks about Pulp Obscura - http://www.pulpobscura.net/

We discuss the resurgence of pulp and New Pulp writers.

Is Rich a pantser or a planner?

What’s next for Rich Steeves?

Find Rich at http://www.rpsteeves.com/