Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ThrillerCast Episode 5 - Writing a novel

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Show notes:

David talks about a new thriller he’s been reading.

Then the rest of this episode is all about the process of novel writing:

Alan and David talk about their current writing projects.

The process of starting a new novel and the methods they employ.

How to build a story around a character, a MacGuffin, a plot idea, etc. What comes first?

The character’s journey. Do they need redemption, or just a journey?

The overall process of the novel – what are the major events needed to make a novel length story interesting and keep people reading.

How do we plan and how much do we plan?

To be continued next week!


  1. Hi guys, I enjoyed this podcast. I am more like David as I come up with a McGuffin first, a mystery and a myth, and then write from there.
    Re American Gods, I found it very difficult but did finish it since it is Neil Gaiman! I wanted to get more into the myth aspect so I found the urban realism sections disturbing :) That's just me I guess.
    I'll be listening next week. Thanks, Joanna

  2. Thanks Joanna. I think we could do an entire episode on the McGuffin, because the choice you make influences so much of what you will include in a thriller like you or I write. Perhaps we can talk about that when we have you on.
    I agree about American Gods. It took a dark turn, the pacing slowed, and there was some sexual content that isn't for everyone. It's a good book, but not for everyone.