Thursday, December 23, 2010

ThrillerCast Episode 9 - The Trent Jamieson Episode

A supersized Christmas Eve special episode today, featuring a review of Trent Jamieson’s new urban fantasy thriller, followed by an interview with Trent himself. We get a good insight into bookselling as part of the interview, as Trent works in a bookshop.
Alan’s review of Death Most Definite

Interview with Trent Jamieson

Brisbane as a place and a character

Do people plan to write thrillers?

Trent’s favourite reads

Trent on mythology

Where does the Death Works series go from here?

Trent on working in a book store and the nature of returns and the shelf life of books

Selling books that cross genre

Reading broadly

Trent explains what a Psychopomp is in the Death Works universe

We discuss in detail the nature of writing in first person present tense over third person narrative, and why writers might use it

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