Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Episode 22- Jay Hartlove Interview

In this episode, we chat with Jay Hartlove, author of The Chosen, a modern thriller with a dark fantasy edge.

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Show notes:

Alan is at work on his new novel.

David has recently released Quest, the third Dane Maddock adventure, and The Zombie-Driven Life.

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Interview with Jay Hartlove:

Jay's seriously cool website: www.jaywrites.com

Jay's blending of Biblical mythology into his back-story.

Incorporation of voodo and tarot into the mythology behind the story.

Mixing the tropes of the modern realistic thriller with mythology and the occult.

Jay's writing background and future novels.

Jay and Alan- separated at birth, or simply suffering from the same mental illness?

Alan sees the future, and there are mermaids in it.

Violence and sexual content in literature and other media. American attitudes versus those of the world.

Inspirations and influences.

Jay's Links:
The Chosen in paperback
The Chosen on Kindle
Jay's website
Facebook page for The Chosen

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