Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Episode 25 - The Game with Sean Ellis

In this week's episode, we discuss the new thriller anthology, The Game, to which Alan and David each contributed a story. Our guest is Sean Ellis, who conceived of, contributed to, and edited the anthology.

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Show Notes

Updates on writing and the proverbial "real world."

David's new book, Quest, was the #1 Hot New Release on Amazon's Men's Adventure chart.

Promo: I Should Be Writing

The Game anthology from Seven Realms Publishing

How/why Sean conceived of the anthology.

How Alan adapted his very powerful character to a "being hunted" scenario.

How David chose the particular setup of his story.

Sean's thoughts on the variety of stories in the anthology.

The lasting impact of "The Most Dangerous Game."

The power of the "man hunting man" theme.

Parallels with the popular YA series The Hunger Games.

Catching up on all of Sean's current and forthcoming books including Dark Trinity and Callsign: King.

How Sean manages to juggle multiple projects.

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