Saturday, September 17, 2011

Episode 27 – Branching out as a writer with David L Golemon

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Show notes

David and Alan talk about their writing life and where they’re at right now.

David mentions the release of Callsign Queen.

David talks about his lack of focus in writing direction – the problem of having too many genres and idea directions in his head. David wonders if he has writer's ADD, and is it a problem to work on several projects at once.

Alan talks about how he works on many projects, but usually one at a time.

The importance of re-reading work when you’ve had a break from it.

Mur Lafferty’s “I Should Be Writing” podcast promo.

Then we chat with thriller and multi-genre author, N Y Times bestseller, David Lynn Golemon.

David Golemon talks about the Event Group books and their inspiration.

We talk about multiple characters in stories.

We talk about the importance of realism in characters and the need to kill main characters sometimes to ensure readers are always engaged and under suspense. Otherwise it’s just Red Shirt syndrome. “Real life is death sometimes.”

We talk about the personal impact on the writer of these character deaths.

David talks about how his and his family’s military background has influenced his writing.

We go on to discuss David’s new book, The Supernaturals - . David talks about why he wrote a ghost story.

David talks about his move to Seven Realms to publish The Supernaturals and his position on small press.

This leads David to talk about how publishing is changing and the nature of mainstream press compared to small press, and the state of the book.

David also mentions the possibility of starting a new pulp magazine for horror and adventure stories, including graphic stories with great artwork. You heard it here first!

What scares David Golemon?

David Golemon – pantser or planner?

David talks about the great American historical novel he really wants to write.

And yes, throughout the interview there’s the repeated sound of a dog. We have no idea why...

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  1. Great show guys and I was particularly glad to hear about the procrastination issues. Yesterday I did my Australian tax and my UK pension instead of writing - seriously, that's bad. I am making up for it today but it was very disheartening to have such a bad day. Now I feel happier to know I'm not alone. The writing community benefits when we are transparent in our process I think, so thank you.