Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Episode 035 - Special Ops and Spirits - Myke Cole Interview

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Dave and Alan talk about their Xmas break.

Here are the bookshelves Alan was talking about:

We discuss briefly the nature of hardcovers becoming the true artefact book that people want to collect, while the majority of reading is done on ereaders.

Then we talk a bit about our plans for the year.

We talk about the free books we still have to give away from the Xmas promotion. Get on it, folks!

Then we go on to talk about the KDP Select program through Amazon, and our concerns about it.

Then we have a great chat with Myke Cole about his Shadow Ops books – the first one, Control Point, is out any time now.

We talk about the inspiration for Myke’s books – military and magic, inspired by Dungeons & Dragons combined with Myke’s military and Pentagon experiences.

We go on to discuss Myke’s road to publication and gives his opinion about indie versus traditional publishing.

We talk about establishing a profile and using Kickstarter on the back of existing success.

Myke talks about his extensive planning method of writing a book.


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