Friday, June 1, 2012

Episode 44 – Writing Historical Adventure with William Dietrich

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Once again, apologies for the sound issues. We’re trying really hard to fix it. Blame Dave for moving to the desert.

We start off with a chat about a terrible experience a new writer had with the “editor”/owner of Undead Press, Open Casket Press and Living Dead Press.

This leads us to discuss the correct process of editing and the editor/author relationship.

Remember: Always check out the publisher to whom you’re submitting.

Here’s the link Alan talks about regarding royalty-only publications:

Here’s the link to Preditors and Editors:

Then we chat with William Dietrich.

William talks about his Ethan Gage series of books.

We talk to William about his process and the research that goes into his work. And how much he bends history.

He talks about where he sees the series going.

William talks about what he likes to read, then gives his advice for new writers trying to crack this caper.

Find William online here:

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