Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Episode 53 - Kickstart Your Writing with Matt Forbeck

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Alan talks about his most recent short fiction sale to Dark Prints Press.

Dave talks about his work on Dane Maddock #5 and some forthcoming audiobooks, which leads him to discuss reviews and why we shouldn’t read them.

This leads us to talk about how different people read the same book or story so differently, and how that colours the type of review they might write.

We go on to talk about the LendInk situation.

Prior to chatting with Matt Forbeck, we talk briefly about the assumption that fast writing equals low-quality writing.

We digress into a conversation about Scrivener as a writing tool. Alan talks about resisting change.

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Then we have a chat with Matt Forbeck.

Matt talks a little bit about his work history. He’s currently up to 20 novels, comics for IDW, roleplaying games, non-fiction books, the Marvel Encyclodpedia... I’m getting tired just listing all this stuff.

Matt talks about the division of labour when you’re a stay-at-home creative and you have a family. Matt has five kids, including quadruplets.

Matt talks about Twelve For Twelve – a project to write twelve 50,000 word novels in twelve months, which he funded through Kickstarter.

Matt talks about what he thinks is involved in making a successful Kickstarter campaign.

We ask Matt to tell us about his Monster Academy books, where young monsters go to reform school to try to fit into society.

Then Matt tells us about his Dangerous Games books.

We ask Matt for his advice on becoming a game writer. Matt has some great advice and talks about his own journey.

Matt talks about his incredible levels of productivity and what drives him. This leads him to talk about his outlining process as a writer, where he strikes a great balance between planning and pantsing.

We finish by asking Matt for his advice for other writers.

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