Monday, February 18, 2013

Episode 64 – Youth and Ebooks

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One of these days we’ll get our freaking sound levels sorted out. It’s hard with two losers living in the middle of nowhere on opposite sides of the planet.

Dave talks about his new novella, You Suck!

We go on to talk about our collaborative novella, Dark Rite, which is now finished in first draft and into the spit and polish stage. This leads us to talk about the length of the novella (quite long at around 40,000 words) and how word counts can change in the editing process.

Alan talks about his current novel work and why he hasn’t had a book out for too long.

We move on to talk about the controversy surrounding the release of the new Wheel of Time book and why the ebook is being held up deliberately.

This leads us to talk about the nature of bestsellers and whether there’s any mileage in delayed releases and so on.

We then talk about the review reaction to the Wheel of Time release decision.

Promo: Guild of the Cowry Catchers

After a break, we talk about kids and ebooks. There are some interesting stats on the numbers of kids reading electronically compared to adults.

We get to talking about the nature of reading and how e-reading is already very much the norm for young people.

This leads us to talk about our own e-reading habits and how we consume e-books. Which leads to a discussion about the nature of free content.

We talk about how people discover books. You might be surprised.

We have a quick prediction on the future of bookstores.

Then we have a talk about news in publishing which includes a little dig at Dan Brown.

Lastly Dave talks about his new project, .


  1. Hi guys, since you mentioned free books and also will interview Johnny B Truant, you need to ask him about this - since his model is to use novellas and always have something for free to get people into the funnel - he talks about it on the selfpublishingpodcast
    Fun, fun!

  2. oh, and James Rollins Blood Gospel is awesome - I enjoyed it a LOT more than I expected as I don't usually like vampire style books.