Monday, October 11, 2010

ThrillerCast Episode 1

In the first episode of ThrillerCast, Alan and David discuss what constitutes a thriller, and what common threads run across genres.

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Episode Notes - Here's what we discuss in the first episode:

About our work.

- Alan – RealmShift & MageSign

- Dave – Novels and Into The Woods historical novella

What makes a book a Thriller?

- Timing, sense of pace, race against time

- Fast story, no slow exposition, “real page turner”

- MacGuffin

- Confrontation, action

- Competing groups, individuals

- Suspense

Thrillers not filed as thrillers

- Alan's books as dark fantasy thrillers

- Starfish, by Peter Watts

- Michael Crichton as thriller writer or SF writer?

- Genre/thriller crossover in book and film

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