Sunday, October 24, 2010

ThrillerCast Episode 3- Does Size Matter?

NB: This episode was recorded in two seperate sessions a week apart. See if you can spot the continuity error!

In this episode, Alan and David discuss novellas and the relative merits of various story lengths.

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In this episode we discuss:

Our current works in progress.

The nature of selling fantasy – can you only sell big fat trilogies in today’s market?

Ebooks and the rise of the novella.

Do horror and sci-fi allow for standalones while fantasy expects big fat trilogies. Are fantasy novels leaning back towards standalone volumes?

POD while you wait kiosks allow for more variety in book lengths and shorter books more prevalent again.

Classic age novella - Conan, H P Lovecraft.

The thriller genre grew from short pulp novels, like Chandler, more like novellas than novels as they are considered today.

Marketing – thick spines on bookshelves. Publishers promoting big fat trilogies to monopolise shelf space.

The craft of writing and the advantages of the novella length for worldbuilding.

Young Adult fiction is similar in length to novella, so has similar appeal.

What makes good Young Adult writing?

Novella length work finding new life being published by small press.

Coeur De Lion’s X6 Novella anthology.

Twelfth Planet Press publishing novellas and novelette doubles.

The novella as a “gateway drug” to discovering new authors.

The Legends novella anthologies from Robert Silverberg.

Thriller anthology – Warriors.

Alan’s serialised novella, sci-fi fantasy noir thriller, Ghost Of The Black: A ‘Verse Full Of Scum.

New technology allowing authors to showcase themselves, especially making novellas available to readers that might lead to more interest in the author’s print published work.

Listen to the end for a feline out-take!

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  1. Just heard of this. Downloading so I can listen to it in the car. Looking forward to listening to this. :)