Sunday, July 29, 2012

Episode 48- Thrillerfest Report and More with J.F. Penn

Alan is traveling the world so thriller author J.F. Penn is our guest host this week.

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Updates on Dave's and Jo's writing.

The next novel in Penn's Arcane series is called Exodus and will involve the Ark of the Covenant, but with no Indiana Jones tropes in sight.

Keeping track of all our crazy story ideas.

Using Pinterest as part of your social media platform.

WWJD- What Would James (Rollins) Do?

Jo is now writing as J.F. Penn rather than Joanna Penn. She was mentioned in a Forbes article about women writing under a male or non-gender specific pen name.

Dave is having trouble choosing a title for Dane Maddock 5.  Titling as an aspect of author branding.

Book recommendation- Spiral by Paul McEuen

Report from Thrillerfest 2012.

Craft Fest- focusing on the craft of writing.
Fight scene workshop with Joseph Finder.
"Forget All the Rules" with Lee Child.

Is there a certain personality type that runs through most thriller writers?

Things we love about International Thriller Writers.

Link to Jo's post about Thrillerfest.

Jo has signed with The Irene Goodman Agency.

Making the decision to try for a traditional publishing contract after you've had success in independent publishing.

Future trends in publishing.

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