Friday, August 10, 2012

ThrillerCast 049- Blast Them All!

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We begin, for some reason, by discussing Mary Poppins. Thankfully, we move swiftly on.

We discuss our current writing projects.

We move on to talking about the nature of reviews and bullying and the phenomenon that is Stop The Goodreads Bullies. We talk about what bullying really is and whether bullying the so-called bullies is doing any good or just more harm.

We talk about the nature of reviews and pleasing everyone.

We look briefly at Neil Gaiman and discuss the review spread on some of his work. This leads us to talk about how some poor reviews are based on things other than the actual book. We check in on a few of George R R Martin’s one-star reviews.

We go on to talk about Terry Goodkind’s newly self-published ebook and how successfully its taken off. We discuss briefly the hybrid model of publishing that is becoming more and more mainstream. However, we then talk about how Terry Goodkind publically called out a pirate of his new ebook and posted the person’s personal information online. .

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  1. I just wanted to commnet on bad reviews. Your conversation made me think about my first Barnes & Nobel review. The reviewer said that he gave me 1 star because he couldn't give me 0. Ouch. From then on, I let my wife filter the reviews. But I've also learned so much about writing and publishing. And thick skin is essential to survival. Another thing, I was noticing on Google Books, when I was looking through different reviews of books being offered for FREE, there were several reviews that gave 1 star because they didn't agree with googles policy (i.e. going through the purchasing process and buying the book for $0.00) but said nothing about the book or the author. As a writer that would frustrate me to no end, especially since some people may only look at the average review and not read any deeper to see why. By the way, love the show...