Sunday, December 9, 2012

Episode 60 - Greig Beck Interview

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We start by lamenting the silly season and its idiocy.

We go on to talk about our current writing and Alan celebrates having written “The End” on the first draft of his latest novel.

Dave talks about his new release, “Buccaneer”, which is going great guns on Amazon, including taking the #1 spot on the Men’s Adventure chart.

We then have a chat with Greig Beck.

Greig talks a bit about his early life and influences.

We talk about the joys of dog ownership.

Greig goes on to talk about a mysterious discovery in the ice that led him to writing his first book.

We ask Greig what he thinks makes for good leading characters.

Greig talks about his latest book, Black Mountain.

Greig talks about some fascinating research subjects he’s explored.

We talk about what creatures might be out there that we simply never see…

Alan asks Greig about convention appearances.

We ask Greig what his favourite books are.

Greig gives his best advice for writers.

Find Greig online at:

Here’s the Lazarus Taxon Greig mentioned:

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