Monday, December 31, 2012

ThrillerCast 062- Humor and Heroes with Jim Bernheimer

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(Apologies again for the sound issues at the start. We really need technology to catch up to our country lifestyles!)

 We start the show talking about nudity and the current Australian heatwave. This leads us, in a terrible segue, to the Simon & Schuster self-publishing situation.

We talk about the difference between self-publishing, assisted self-publishing and vanity publishing.

More about the Simon & Schuster/Author Solutions situation

We go on to talk a bit about the changes to Amazon’s KDP Select program. (Hint – we don’t like it.)

Dave goes on to discuss some speculation going around about Amazon in a conspiracy with big publishers.

Then we talk to Jim Bernheimer.

Jim talks about his work and what he’s written so far.

Jim chats about his latest release and his ideas for future projects. He talks about his crazy ideas and what he tries to do with them.

We ask about Jim’s work with Lee Harvey Oswald as a character.

Jim’s work has been compared to Jim Butcher, but it turns out there’s not much love there from any of us.

Jim talks about his book, Confessions Of A D-List Supervillain. He discusses story structure and extending shorter works into longer works.

We talk about Spirals Of Destiny and Jim talks about his start writing Harry Potter fan fiction.

Jim talks about making characters sound different.

We ask Jim about his work in so many different genres and where he might go next.

Then we ask Jim for his best advice for writers.

The Y-Writer software Jim mentions can be found here:

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