Tuesday, May 21, 2013

71 – Temptation, Violence and Treachery with J F Penn

A three continents podcast!
Alan talks about his realisation that he’s been working on the wrong book.

Dave talks about the need to wrap up certain projects in order to focus.

Dave talks about some new releases.

Break: Wired Kingdom by Rick Chesler.

We talk to J F Penn.

The first thing we discuss is female leads having casual sex, following up from our episode 69.

This leads us to talk about strong female leads in books.

We go on to talk about writing from the perspectives of various genders, sexualities, even species.

Jo goes on to talk about her new short story ARG project in conjunction with the release of the new Dan Brown thriller, Inferno.

Here’s the page Jo mentions: http://www.kobo.com/thedescent

Jo explains how the power of the podcast led her to this sweet gig with Kobo.

We go on to talk about the benefits of writing short fiction, and the possibilities of making further income from short fiction as a writer.

Jo talks about the power of the internet and how it can make a person look more important than they are. Alan takes a small amount of issue with the sentiment!

Jo recorded the first of her stories as a podcast and plans to do the others. Find that here:

We chat about the beauty of short fiction podcasts.

This leads us to talk about the new audiobook of Jo’s first thriller, Pentecost, released soon through Gryphonwood Press.

We talk about the choice of voices when it comes to reading stories for podcasts.

Jo talks about Exodus, the third thriller in her ARKANE series of novels.

This leads us to talk about how the third book in a writer’s series can exponentially boost book sales.

Jo explains the new direction she’s going with her next book, the crime thriller, Desecration. It’s a much darker direction than the ARKANE series, exploring body mod and death.

We chat about the potential of getting caught in a particular genre niche as a writer.

Jo talks about missing ThrillerFest in New York this year, but going to Harrogate CrimeFest instead.

Find J F Penn online at:


Or on Twitter: @thecreativepenn

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  1. Fabulous, and thank you!!

    J.A. Schneider, author of EMBRYO & EMBRYO 2: CROSSHAIRS.