Friday, May 10, 2013

70- Jack Reacher vs Indiana Jones

Today, we compare and contrast two thriller icons.

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We talk about the release of Dark Rite that happened the week we recorded.

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We talk briefly about how short novels like Dark Rite used to be a lot more common.

We talk about our current projects. The short fiction sales Alan talks about are out of embargo now, so look out for his stories Not The Worst of Sins in Beneath Ceaseless Skies later in the year (that’s the horror western ghost story) and Roll The Bones in Crowded Magazine around the middle of the year.

We’ll remind listeners again when they’re out.

Alan is briefly stunned to learn about the new Lone Ranger movie with Jonny Depp as Tonto.

Dave talks about the terrible situation with author David Wolverton’s son, who had a bad accident recently. They don’t have health coverage due to unfortunate circumstances, so any help would be gratefully received – here’s the link David talks about with the details:

Then we talk about Jack Reacher vs Indiana Jones.

Firstly, EVERYONE hates that Tom Cruise played Reacher in a movie, so we brush over that.

Alan talks about what makes Reacher a hero. We discuss the nature of the anti-hero and natural justice.

Dave talks about Indy. We discuss the scholar/adventurer archetype he embodies.

We talk about the differences in the smarts and physicality of the two characters.

We talk about the casting of the characters and how that affects the legend. Would it be different if Indy had been someone other than Harrison Ford.

We have a brief aside talking about Ender’s Game.

We finish with a side by side comparison between Reacher and Indy.

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