Thursday, April 25, 2013

69 – Sex in Thrillers

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We start as we mean to go on, confirming that episode 69 is going to be very juvenile.

We update things on the writing front.

Dark Rite is actually out now, so this episode is a bit behind on that front. You can find it here:

Alan talks bout how he’s just finished his latest novel in progress. The short fiction Alan talks about in the podcast has been signed off on now – he’s sold a story to Crowded and another story to Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

Dave talks about Dark Rite too. Then he goes on to talk about his new collaboration with Sean Sweeney. He’s also working on Atlantis, and his collaboration with Ryan Span under his David Debord pen name. Busy!

We talk about the nature of writing and publication and how things can be long delayed or several things land at once.

We go to talk about the nature writing in several different genres and the benefits of standalones over series.

This leads us to talk about the benefit of having several books out there if you want to succeed.

 Here’s the link to the series of guest posts Alan talks about with writers talking about what they still strive for or what they still worry about, especially about new books coming out -

Promo: You Suck by David Wood

We then go on talk about sex in thrillers.

We start with the historically inherent sexism in thrillers.

We should expect more from secondary characters who are only really there for sexual tension.

How much sex do we need spelled out on the page in thrillers and genre fiction?

Do you need sex in thrillers?

Do you lose something if you have a long standing character get together with their longstanding love interest?

Dave’s advice is that it’s better to anger people than bore them, so risks are worth taking.


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