Monday, April 1, 2013

Episode 67 – Catching up with Jeremy Robinson

Episode 67 – Catching up with Jeremy Robinson

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We talk about our current writing projects, including the imminent wrapping up of Dark Rite and Dave’s new Dane Maddock origins novel, which he co-authored with Sean Sweeney.

We go on to talk a little bit about crowd-funding, starting off with the great Fuck You Indie-Go-Go debacle. Remember folks – the Internet never forgets!

This leads us to talk briefly about the old-fashioned patronage model, which is still around in places.

We briefly chat about Myke Cole’s US Whitehouse petition: “Have the USDA set a Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for bacon.” -

Then we have a chat with bestselling author, Jeremy Robinson.

Jeremy talks about what he’s done and where he’s come from.

He talks about Island 731, his latest book -

We ask Jeremy where he’s going next with his novels.

 Alan asks Jeremy about Project Nemesis, his kaiju novel.

We chat about Jeremy’s bizarre run-ins with strange fans and accusations of plagiarism.

We talk about the strange perception that sometimes occurs when a person thinks the author and the character are the same thing.

We ask Jeremy about where things are at with his Chess Team books.

Jeremy talks about the difference between series and standalone works and where he’s going with those ideas.

How does Jeremy Robinson continue to be so productive?

We ask Jeremy about his collaborative process, as he has co-authored several books with a variety of other writers.

What’s new on the horizon for Jeremy?

Jeremy talks a bit about the differences with traditional and self-publishing, as he has worked a lot in both.

Lastly we ask Jeremy for his essential advice for authors.

Here’s a piece about the Obama/devil thing Jeremy mentions at the end:

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