Saturday, April 13, 2013

68- Thrillers with a Twist with Rebecca Cantrell

Today, we chat with Rebecca Cantrell, co-author of The Blood Gospel.

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David and Alan catch up on our work and discuss self-doubt.

For some reason, we talk about tattoos.

Dark Rite will be released April 16 or 23?

We discuss Amazon's purchase of Goodreads

Are sites becoming "homogenized" as Amazon expands its control and influence?

Update on Thriller Central.

A new invention in news services and how might it relate to the publishing industry?

Dave comes up with a bizarre idea for self-plagiarism.

Alan announces his erotica pen name.

Promo: Scrolls by Paul Elard Cooley

Interview with Rebecca Cantrell

The Blood Gospel (co-authored with James Rollins)

Inspiration behind the story.

Using actual historical figures and the research involved.

What's next in the Blood Gospel series?

How the collaboration came about. What was the writing process like?

Rebecca's solo work.

New series in the works.

The Hannah Vogel mysteries.

The iMonster series.

Handling controversial content.

Rebecca's advice to writers.

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

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