Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Episode 038 – Heroes and Superheroes with Adam Christopher

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Dave and Alan talk briefly about where they are in their writing life, then go on to chat a bit about their favourite heroes and superheroes.

Alan’s Top 10 Fictional Characters post, as mentioned in the chat -

We then discuss the need among people for heroes. Even if you don’t watch movies or read comics or books, sports stars become heroes and so on.

We discuss historical heroes and the Indiana Jones type of exploratory hero. We need to admire and look up to someone and aspire to greater things.

Batman really would beat Jesus in a fight, incidentally.

Then we have a great chat with new Angry Robot author Adam Christopher, whose new superhero/alt-history novel, Empire State, is out now.

Empire State -

Adam talks a bit about his writing life and previous publications in short fiction.

We also give a mention to Emma Newman who narrated a podcast of one of Adam’s stories. Emma’s collection is fantastic, and I was lucky enough to get an early read and blurb it. You can find that here:

But back to Adam. He talks about how he was discovered by Angry Robot Books through Twitter, which is a really fascinating story.

Adam mentions his short fiction published at Hub Magazine -

Adam talks about how his representation with his agent came about after the Angry Robot interest.

Then Adam goes on to talk about just what Empire State is all about.

We talk about reading habits, comics, books and others.

We talk briefly about Adam’s current and future projects, but he’s being mysterious on that front.

We talk about reading widely to be a good writer.

We have a chat about our favourite comics.

Then the great question – What superpower would we choose if we could?!/ghostfinder


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