Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ThrillerCast is Going Ape and Needs Your Help!

ThrillerCast is going ape! In our upcoming episode we're going to discuss books and movies in which apes or ape-like creatures are central to the plot. Here's what we want to know in advance: What is your favorite book that falls into that category and why?

It could be something like Planet of the Apes or Congo. Maybe it's something cryptid like Primeval by David Lynn Golemon. We'll even stretch it to include human ancestors and related hominids (Is that the correct word?) such as Almost Adam by Petru Popescu or Instinct by Jeremy Robinson...

We'll read your answers during the episode! You can reply in the comments section or email us at thrillerpodcast [at] gmail.com

1 comment:

  1. The only one I think I've read is Before Adam by Jack London so from the very infancy of sci-fi. I liked it but I was about 12 -- not sure it would survive a rereading but a tentative favourite. The framing story where the character gets dreams about his ancestor's tale (that have been imprinted through the generations) is ridiculous but the actual story's not bad.