Friday, February 10, 2012

Episode 37 - Catching Up and Crapping On

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In our most free-flow episode in some time, Dave and Alan catch up on writing, discuss various issues and share a few news items.

- Updates on Alan's writing- several recent sales.
- David is working on a Young Adult novella.
- David will be a guest at Balticon 2012.
- Jeremy Robinson's next Chess Team novel will be published (in print) by Seven Realms Publishing.
- Will more big press authors manage their own e-rights in the future and sell their print rights only? How can publishers give successful authors incentives to remain with publishing houses?
- Are readers forgotten in contemporary publishing discussions?
- Trends in e-reading and "gaps" in potential readership.
- In what circumstances do we still want a physical copy?
- Dave's thoughts on The Adventures of Tintin.
- New and forthcoming releases in thrillers.
- Guests coming to ThrillerCast in February.

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